Quote from "Stepping Heavenward" by Mrs. E. Prentiss

"She says I shall now have one mouth more to fill and two feet the more to shoe, more disturbed nights, more laborious days, and less leisure or visiting, reading, music and drawing.

Well! This is one side of the story, to be sure, but I look at the other.

Here is a sweet, fragrant mouth to kiss; here are two more feet to make music with their pattering about my nursery. Here is a soul to train for God; and the body in which dwells is worthy of all it will cost, since it is the abode of a kingly tenant. I may see less of friends, but I have gained one dearer than them all, to whom, while I minister in Christ's name, I make a willing sacrifice of what little leisure for my own recreation my other dear darlings had left me. Yes, my precious baby, you are welcome to her time, her strength, her health, her tenderest cares, to her lifelong prayers! Oh, how rich I am, how truly, wondrously blest!"

Monday, June 4, 2012

Preaching to Myself Tonight

Went to chemo #1 of 8 in this second round of poison with my Aunt Fran.    Thanking her so much to hang with me since she lives north of Atlanta and just wants to bless me by taking me each visit the way my Aunt Joan from Alaska did last time.   Need prayers to get white blood count up since they want to give me a shot on Wednesday to up my counts (ouch!).   Also need prayers not to dehydrate.   Tricky stuff with meds that make you sick and other meds that constipate.    It gets even more complicated when you have an ostomy.   Overall tonight, I'm just tired and having a hard time drinking without strange pain (side effect of one of the meds).   Thanks for all the prayers....I know I could be much worse.   Praising God in the storm!

13 years ago today God did a MIRACLE in my home. After 13 minutes of praying, fear, desperation, heart breaking agony, He breathed life back into Praise. She wasn't expected to walk or talk. She had a seizure at birth but was off seizure medication in 6 months. She went to her first OT appt and they released her because she was ahead of the game. She went in for a scan on her head for her hydrocephalus to get information on how they were going to place the shunt, and she was HEALED! Thanking the Lord today for the gift of Praise! We love you.

I know God can heal...He healed Praise, healed Nicholas who was blind in an eye from being shot with a bb gun, had angels catch Michael when he fell into an orchestra pit as a baby, my mother's recovery from her major stroke, my dad's recovery from major heart surgery, and so much more.   I also know sometimes He chooses not to heal as in the five blessings we were given that didn't make it to birth.   I choose to praise Him for the answered and unanswered prayers.  Until He says no I am praying He chooses to give me a longer life to raise my children and pour into a bunch of grandbabies.   I am believing He is my Healer.  

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Theresa said...

Hi Michelle. Praying you will feel well tonight. Glad your aunt kept you company.

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