Quote from "Stepping Heavenward" by Mrs. E. Prentiss

"She says I shall now have one mouth more to fill and two feet the more to shoe, more disturbed nights, more laborious days, and less leisure or visiting, reading, music and drawing.

Well! This is one side of the story, to be sure, but I look at the other.

Here is a sweet, fragrant mouth to kiss; here are two more feet to make music with their pattering about my nursery. Here is a soul to train for God; and the body in which dwells is worthy of all it will cost, since it is the abode of a kingly tenant. I may see less of friends, but I have gained one dearer than them all, to whom, while I minister in Christ's name, I make a willing sacrifice of what little leisure for my own recreation my other dear darlings had left me. Yes, my precious baby, you are welcome to her time, her strength, her health, her tenderest cares, to her lifelong prayers! Oh, how rich I am, how truly, wondrously blest!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Visit with Surgeon

Today my husband and I went to the surgeon.   Good news is that I should make beach weight this summer.   Bad news is I will because 8 weeks of radiation/chemotherapy is on the agenda.   The mass was confirmed by this doctor that it is large.  After being completely violated in details that I won't go into on this blog, he was happy to find the mass was much higher than thought so I shouldn't lose all my colon, probably only 1/3 and 2/3 of my rectum  They don't want to do surgery until they have shrunk the mass.  After those 8 weeks, my body rests for 8 weeks then I have the surgery to remove the mass and give me a temporary bag.   After 6-8 weeks of recovery, if I don't have to go through more chemo. they will put me back together again and I'll be almost as good as new.   However, no matter how  much weight I lose, he let me know my stomach muscles are complete separated from having so many children so unless I had stomach surgery I won't be having a six pack on the beach again this summer.   (Yep, that's been a real concern, lol.)  That's all the details as of yet.   Thank you so much for all the notes of concern and I cannot tell you how much your prayers mean to myself and my family during this time.   Much love, Michelle


Peg T. said...

Praise the lord and hope for more good blessings. Peg

Anonymous said...

I shall continue to pray for you. Love you Sabrina

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