Quote from "Stepping Heavenward" by Mrs. E. Prentiss

"She says I shall now have one mouth more to fill and two feet the more to shoe, more disturbed nights, more laborious days, and less leisure or visiting, reading, music and drawing.

Well! This is one side of the story, to be sure, but I look at the other.

Here is a sweet, fragrant mouth to kiss; here are two more feet to make music with their pattering about my nursery. Here is a soul to train for God; and the body in which dwells is worthy of all it will cost, since it is the abode of a kingly tenant. I may see less of friends, but I have gained one dearer than them all, to whom, while I minister in Christ's name, I make a willing sacrifice of what little leisure for my own recreation my other dear darlings had left me. Yes, my precious baby, you are welcome to her time, her strength, her health, her tenderest cares, to her lifelong prayers! Oh, how rich I am, how truly, wondrously blest!"

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tordoff Family 2013 Christmas Letter

2013 Tordoff Family Christmas Letter

From Michelle, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to my family and friends.   Chairen (Greeting that means JOY TO YOU!!)   From James 1:  Count it all joy, my brothers and sisters, when you meet trials of various kinds for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.  And let steadfastness have it's full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.   

I wanted to write out all of Chapter 1 because it is so rich and full of great truths, but decided I’d start you with a smidgen to entice you to read the rest on your own.  It will bless you.   I am in the midst of teaching 2 groups of women James through a Beth Moore study and have been chewing on it for a few months now and couldn't resist beginning my letter this year with James.   I have also been working on a book for NANOWRIMO.org for National Novel Writing Month.   It's what I wanted to write for my children when I was ill, but didn't have the “umph” to do it.   What else has been going on in the Tordoff home?   Well, it's been a busy, busy year.   Here are the highlights:


œ Michael still playing basketball with the home school team.
œ Nicholas and John Russell went to Passion in Atlanta.  

œ    Christopher turned 4 (sweet, fun fella.  Still my baby!)

œ    Nicholas turned 18 (finishing up 2 classes to graduate high school and working with Dad.  Great help!)  Note:  the picture below John Russell is our Christmas picture that we were trying to accomplish the 1800’s no smile effect….Nicholas smiled!
œ    Emily turned 8 (sweet, snuggly, full of sugar.  A joy to be around!)

  • œ    John Russell turned 20 (grown and on his own.  Proud of him!)


œ Great home school conference in Greenville.    A mini-vacation for the kiddos and I amidst a lot of learning.
œ Our Rotsky’s were born (Rottweiler/Siberian Husky mix)

œ Rylie Kay turned 7 (she is now in 2nd grade and always an A student!)  

œ Cindy turned 27 (and is now an RN who works full time)


œ  Great Mother's Day at Nana's Log Cabin in the country.
Organized a 5K, Jamaican Me Run, for our church's youth group.   Lots of fun!

œ Trip to see family in Florida.   Great fun. 


œ    Beach trip to see our good friend Suzanne.
œ    Praise turned 14 (sweet, big reader, my mystery watching partner.    Great help!)

 œ Everyone either helped or was a part of V.B.S. and the littles went to a lot of other VBS’s.  (The World Tour ~or so it felt .)

Nicholas and Timothy take a mission trip to Jamaica to help build a community center and do Vacation Bible School for the area
they were visiting.

œ    Michael turned 12 (active, loves to bake, great at organizing.   Very motivated!)

œ    I turned 47 (and so thankful for another year!)
œ    Timothy turned 16 (helpful, funny, got interested in current events and politics this year.   Blessed to have him!)
œ    Began “Dress A Girl Around the World.”  A sewing club in my home for orphans.

œ    Nicholas begins working full-time in the Wood business with his Daddy (so far he's done cabinets, wood floors, tile, and more)
œ    Timothy and John Russell work part-time for All About Wood (Rusty's business)   Timothy is still doing high school and John Russell works at Earth Fare also.œ     

œ    Our home school co—op started back.  I am teaching American Literature and helping teach Biology.

œ    Our 28th Anniversary
œ    Jackson turned 5 (active, funny, tender-hearted.   Love this fella!)

œ  Sam Simms lost his battle with nonHodgkins Lymphoma.    (Did I mention I HATE cancer.)  He loved the Lord and is now pain free.   I rejoice for him, yet my heart hurts and is heavy for his family.  His mother and I have been friends since junior high.  
œ    Began teaching “James” on Wednesday nights at church and lunch time on Monday’s at the house.   Love spending time in the Word with these ladies!
œ    John Russell is registered to begin school in January.  He is going to work hard to become an R.N. 
œ    Helped organize a Home Run Derby for Sam Simms.  (My nearly life long friend Frankie has a daughter, Jessi, who did this for her high school project.)  The proceeds went to Make-A-Wish foundation and the Sam Simms 4-H scholarship fund in Bulloch county.
œ    Spent Thanksgiving with the North Carolina family. 

œ    1 year cancer free (Praise the Lord!)
œ    Fran and Mike are officially in Thomson, GA.
œ    Merry CHRISTmas.
Thanks for taking the time to read our long Christmas letter.  Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and Happy New Year.
Michelle & Rusty
And the rest of the Tordoff Troop


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